About my lifestyle blog.....

An eclectic blogging site, full of interest, colour and style as well as a bit of fun.  But there is also a serious note too, covering subject matter such as health, beauty and ageing.  

 A style for life.     A beautiful scent.         A love of colour.

 A style for life.     A beautiful scent.     A love of colour.


My mission is to always have 'a desire to aspire' in this world.

I love so much about life and want to share these musings with you from my passion of interior design to fun snippets of life and style.


My passion is all about interiors and styling for the home, so you will see and read a lot about fabulous interior styles, furnishings and great places to shop, as well as what is trending in decor.


I'm not a YouTube vlogger and won't do demos here, but you will be able to read my own blogs on all my lifestyle interests as well as hearing from guest writers.   I will also be privileged to show you my freelance writing on great home and beauty products, personal styling, holiday destinations and more.

I very much hope that there will be something of interest for everyone.


A little specialism.......I have created a dedicated page for the slightly older ladies, who, if like me, are finding that getting older holds a wealth of complex issues, mixed with great enlightenment.   So stay tuned and please visit my site from time to time and even take part in great discussion and debate.

So, watch this space and I'll keep you up to date on our new website developments and articles - even the launch of my newsletter soon.