Meet the Author

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My mission is to always have 'a desire to aspire' in this world.

I love so much about life and want to share these musings with you from my passion of interior design to fun snippets of life and style.

I live on a fabulous Dutch barge on the river Thames in London and love life around me and beyond!.

Working in design, I have a love of interiors with a passion for eclectic styling.

I guess that goes for my life too.  I bit of everything really does appeal.  I have such a wide interest in everything from food to fashion and homes to health. 


I have worked in many countries, including the UK, The Caribbean and Australia, interior designing beautiful home interiors and collaborating on wonderful products, many of which I have imported back to the UK for my interiors shop.   Having had two very eclectic interiors stores in London, I have built up a great contact list of suppliers and will be bringing you great tips on furniture and accessories and decor, best buys and one-offs for everyone

I'm constantly inspired by the creativity and design inspiration of artisans all over the world, and so I hope to bring you examples of wonderful ideas, amazing creations and awe-inspiring décor on my blog pages.

Having a great interest in colour, scent, design and health, there will be up to date blogs on trending subjects that will hopefully provide some super relevant content for everyone.


Tiby writes for

Aspect County Magazine
A premier, luxury lifestyle magazine both on line and in glossy magazine format for Surrey and Sussex.

London Loves Business
A well known and loved ‘go-to’ news feed for businesses and professionals in London, but also of interest for the UK too.

The latest website and app for all things home – for the home owner and professional.

Please stop by from time to time, or visit our colourful Instagram page @tibytristram.