Ageing, and 'The' Menopause

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As I reached my 50's, my life changed beyond recognition.  I won't elaborate more here, but please join me on this very special page where I will be discussing the process of aging for both men and women.  

I also hope to cover that very delicate subject of The Menopause.


I was spurred in to action after watching the most fabulous TV show, 'Sensitive Skin'  starring Kim Cattrall.  It was funny, saddening but most importantly, opened up discussion about The Menopause, to a level I have never seen.

There will be contributors, and guest interviews from experts in this field, as well as those of us experiencing this part of our life changes.


Oh, and I don't want men to feel left out, as aging for you guys, although different, has it's trials as well as great moments. 

So I want to know more....let's find out together....